Senin, 11 September 2017

Philippines Makes State Universities Free

An article in The National explained that President Rodrigo Duterte signed the law, despite warnings from his advisors that the country may not be able to afford it.

Under the law, all students at government-run schools will be exempt from paying tuition and fees.

The President’s critics warned that the law will benefit mainly wealthy students, and urged him not to sign it.

Deputy presidential executive secretary Menardo Guevarra said, “Free tertiary education in state universities and colleges is a very strong pillar or cornerstone of the president’s social development policy.”

Guevarra continued and explained that everyone needed to work together to help fund the bill, which is estimated to cost $1.96 billion.

Congressman Salvador Belaro, one of the authors of the bill for free state college tuition said that costs could be five times that for the next five years.

Under the current budget for 2018, the Philippines’ 114 state universities and colleges have a $1.3 billion budget, and a total education budget of about $13.5 billion.

Learn more about studying in the Philippines.

Alyssa Walker is a freelance writer, educator, and nonprofit consultant. She lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her family.

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Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

Foreign Languages

I have times before felt eternal time quite intensively studied foreign languages. And now I thought I'd forgotten enough and maybe I should deal with Russian and Japanese again. 

First I wanted to buy a few language courses, but somehow I found the then but not so great. The main reason was that the courses are all for beginners, but I have just a few basic knowledge of Russian (which will also come back gradually). Fortunately, there is the World Wide Web and I must say, I've discovered so some treasures. And best of all, that most of it is even free. 

Today is a page for Russian:

This page is ( unfortunately ) in English. So you should already understand. But otherwise I find it so far great. There are a hundred lessons, each with grammatics and some vocabulary. For complete beginners, the site is probably not suitable, because I think the individual topics are handled fairly quickly. But for re-entrants it is exactly the right thing. 

In each lesson, the grammar is not only explained, but also tasks have to be solved. These are partly listening comprehension tasks (with nice dialogues, which are also not old-fashioned), questions that have to be answered or one must use suitable words. 

If you do not have Russian characters on your keyboard, you do not have to worry about it. The page has extra one that can be called. However, I find it more comfortable to write on my normal keyboard. 

When you register on the site, it saves your personal progress. 

At the end of five lessons, you can take a test on the topics conveyed. There is also an evaluation for this. This is also saved. 

I really like the site. At the moment, I'm only at lesson 12, because I do not have a lesson every day. But it really helps to recruit knowledge that is stored in my brain somewhere again.

Stabilo Greenlighter

Some time ago I had seen such text marker crayons once in a magazine and found the concept interesting. Luckily there was even at our stationery store.

In addition to the pack of Stabilo, I have two separate Faber Castell fetched. But I find that much too hard.

Overall, it can be said that it is not the same as normal text markers. They can not be applied so firmly and do not light up so vigorously. But to make excerpts in texts, they are always enough. And I think they will last longer. For me it is also good that you can paint with the pencils over ink. I am still writing with filler.

So all in all, I am satisfied with the purchase and would recommend the Greenlighter.

Brandnooz Box April 2013

I have now also seduced to subscribe to a box. The cosmetic boxes but yes (fortunately) nothing for me but food I found a good idea. At least one can use the faster.

Go to content:

Aoste Stickado Chicken:

Um, yes, Salamisticks stop. Nice snack. Personally I have the bifi better in memory, but otherwise ok. However, nothing I would buy again, just because of the price.

Livio salad dressing:

Yesterday we tried the same time. I think it's good, but we've had better. Consistency is fine, maybe a little fluid. I think there is better or equally good for cheaper.

Valensina Breakfast nectar with blossom honey:

Unfortunately, not tried, but sounds delicious. Treasure has muttered that it is not a real nectar, because there is orange juice in it. I am first important, if it tastes. If so, this would be something to buy.

Big Babol Green Apple:

Yes, chewing gum. Is not so my thing, but we had still fun to make gum-bubbles. Taste was as expected to be artificial and sweet.

Oryza 10-minute rice:

Still not tried, but you can always use rice.

Barilla Pomodoro con Pomodori Datterini:

Tomato sauce, not yet tested. I'm curious.

Reis-fit Risbellis:

Delicious, but unfortunately personally too expensive to buy. We had the variety vanilla coconut.

DeBeukeler ChocOlé:

A kind of Mikados just turned. But taste the same. I'm a fan of the parts. I have unfortunately unfortunately not a long life.

Holsten Extra Herb:

That would have been a good match for the men's day. But treasure was so nice and left it to me. Was delicious! (If one stands on her beer, the name is program)

Thomy gratin sauce:

The first product, which was processed on Saturday. Me personally it tasted too much after finished product, but otherwise it is good, if one does not have time. Just over the fish, the whole into the oven and finished.

I am very satisfied with the box. There was not a product in it that I did not like. And it is tremendously fun to unpack the box and test the products. I'm looking forward to the next box.